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Dutch Factions is a starting community for real Minecraft players. You may think “Ah, another one of those Minecraft servers”, but our goals are different. We are striving to create a mature community where serious players can create a faction and build a base to their imagination without interruption. Yes, you can get raided... But! there are rules applying the fact that you just cannot TNT someone’s base to the ground.


A lot of Minecraft servers out there suffer from bad builders, verbally abusive kids or just people that aim to destroy the creations of others, some servers also unfortunately suffer from abusive and power hungry staff all resulting in a lesser Minecraft experience. By putting in place a clear set of rules and guidelines for both players and staff, we aim to avoid the above mentioned. As the server team we will do our best to be organized and function as one team, not as individual administrators and moderators. We will also do our best to politely point players to the server rules, and enforce them where needed. Our server policy may seem a little strict but if you’re here for good clean Minecraft fun the rules won’t a problem.


We can now take 100 players on our server, but once the server grows to bigger proportions we will upgrade the server so that we can support more players.


Join now!
Well, not directly… Please read our rules first ^^

  • No excessive griefing, even with good Role-play reasons.
  • Mind your language, no cursing, no offensive language, no spamming
  • No discrimination and racism.
  • No 1x1 towers or other builds that ruin the servers appearance
  • Don't ask for a rank when joining the server, everybody starts as newbie. When you think you've deserved your rank, you can apply for it on the forums.
  • You can't use mods like Xray and NEI, when caught using those mods, you will be banned.
  • No asking the staff for items
  • Respect the other players
  • Be a mature player, no childish actions will be tolerated on our server
  • Write correct English, spelling mistakes are fine, but don't excessively use acronyms